I’m 100% fine…. the disadvantages of social media :-)

I’ve decided to make this blogpost due to something that happened with one of my tweets.

Our CAT Joey was diagnosed with cancer a few days ago and had a big lump in his neck.
In Emmeloord they almost gave up on him because it was at a very difficult location.
We decided to look for another vet who was specialized in this kind of cancer and we found one. Today Joey was operated on and the tumor was removed, there still is a lot of risk because it did spread but they removed some other “material” and gave him some radiation.

We love our pets and that’s why we could not just give up.
However I hardly tweet anything personal like this, but because some people already picked it up I decided to tweet that everything was done now and we had to wait. My tweet was :

“Cancer tumor removed let’s hope it has not spread. Has to stay a night and then comes home. Glad we did not give up and searched #cattrouble”


To be honest I really thought it was clear that it was about our cat (#cattrouble) but somehow people “panicked” and I got a lot of mails, some facebook responses and some twitter replies, so I immediately set the record straight but still I get mails, and really I love you all 😀 but I’m really 100% fine, as far as we know I’m in perfect health 😀


So thank you all for being so nice and sending messages, but please do read everything in a tweet before jumping to conclusions, to be honest this really has shocked me because I really don’t want people to worry about my health especially when there’s nothing going on, I hope that with this blog post it’s clear to all my visitors I’m 100% fine, there’s only a serious problem with Joey our CAT (we have two actually) so again please don’t worry.

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    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      He arrived home yesterday and it’s very heartbreaking to see, big drain and he has to wear a protective cap for 10 days, and needs lots of care but as far as the doctor could see he has a good chance now, otherwise he would have been gone within 3 weeks.

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