How to work with your models

Let me first say that some of this blogpost should be read with a big “tongue in cheek” approach.
Although the text I use will be serious, the images will not be 🙂
Recently I did a demo day for Leaf at the Eyes On Media shop location and during this kind of demos I love to work with Nadine, she is without a doubt one of those models that can show many different looks and expressions during a day. She is also a model I use a lot during the workshops and I guess she listened very good when I explained how to work with models during the workshops (which is a standard part of the workshops). Because together with her sister she created a very funny first style I had to shoot, and as you will very soon see this series inspired me to write this blog post. I want to thank Anastasia (Nadine’s sister) for creating the artwork for this blog post.

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Guestblog Monicque Janssen (Collodion)

I met Monicque during some of my workshops and when she told me that she would be participating in a Collodion workshop I just had to have her over as a guestblogger after that workshop to show our readers the results and tell a bit about it. So here she is with her guestblog. Feel free to ask questions of course.

I love my digital camera.
But there has always been a part of me drawn back to analogue photography.
For now it was just the longing of having my own dark room where I could develop my film… So first I was looking for a used analogue camera and which film I would like to use.

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Glamour testsession with Jamie

In this blog post some images from the testsession I did with Jamie for our glamour workshops.
This is one of the last testsets for a while, I’ve found a few new models, but I will of course keep doing test sessions, but at the moment I’ve found what I was looking for. As mentioned before, these testsessions are not meant as “photo shoots” it’s of course a photo shoot (although they only take 2 hours), but the light setups used are standard, so if you think “Hey I’ve seen this before” you are right…. I just post them to share and give some information in between and of course to give some eye candy to the visitors 😀

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SCE soccer match, and some animation fun

The Netherlands is a real soccer country, and of course also our son is playing soccer. Normally I always teach workshops on the Saturdays and this means I miss almost all my son’s games, so when I’m free on a Saturday I always try to catch him play. This Saturday he was playing an away game in Steenwijk and because I was free I decided to join the team for the game and play taxi 😀

I have to add that although most of the posted material on the blog is fashion/model material I love to do sports and street photography so when I have the change to do something with sports I will do that as much as possible. I use a Canon 5DMKII for the sports with most of the time the Canon 100-400L. I’ve tested a lot of lenses over the years in this range but eventually came back to the 100-400L recently for the simple reason that it has the best combination of factors. It’s not the sharpest, it’s not the longest or fastest but when taking all the points into account I have to say that for me… it’s THE lens I love. Would love to see an updated version however with f4 however, and seeing the other released lenses I really don’t understand why Canon doesn’t revamp this one.

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