News items

For today some news items:

I love the products from Tethertools and have supported them for the last few months. My wife’s company ITC already did the import for the products so I could sell them in our webshop for the students and visitors from this blog. Because the products are so cool ITC decided to take the whole line into their stock, this means that we will be selling all their products via our webshop and also start delivering to dealers in the Netherlands, so if you want tethertools make sure your local camera store contacts ITC for resale. During the workshops you can of course see me working with the Jerkstoppers (I never leave home without them) but also the great tables and cables. In the course of next week you will find the complete product range on our webshop.

Eyes on media workshop (free)
Especially interesting for the Dutch people.
I will be at the Amsterdam store location from Eyes on Media on Tuesday May 24th and during that day I will do several live shoots with one of my best models Nadine, during the shoots I will explain the lightsetups, how to measure and of course demo the Leaf digital back system, including the stunning 80MP Leaf AptusII 12.
During the day there will be more than enough time for Q&A and chatsessions.

You REALLY don’t want to miss this…. and the best part…. it’s 100% free !!!!
Click here for more information (Dutch)

Frank Doorhof Photoshop PC
A while ago I worked together with the technical guys from ITC Computer Systems to design a PC that I would love to use for Photoshop. Yeah ok I know I’m using a Mac but not everybody wants a Mac. This week we redesigned the whole system to the new specs (which we do every month or so with small changes) and we also added some cheaper alternatives because not everyone wants a killer PC of course :D. Contact Annewiek Doorhof for more information on the Frank Doorhof Photoshop PC (oh and it also is perfect for video of course)