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Today a link to a guestblog I did for my good friend Bob from TopDogImaging (yeah you read his guestblog here a while ago). Make sure to check it out and following him on twitter via http://www.twitter.com/topdogimaging, the guest blog you can find here http://topdogimaging.net/blog/timing-and-getting-the-shot

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  1. Anthony Byron
    Anthony Byron says:

    thats a great shot with timing 🙂 unfortuantly not something you can do here anymore due to hysteria cant take photos at kids games anymore which is a real downer for me with a little boy starting to grow up now i had aspirations of taking great sports shots of him 🙁

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      You know this is a remark I hear a lot lately, and you know what….. ignore them, do what you want to do, by submitting to the “trend” it makes it worse. Since my brush with authorities in Coventry and realizing I indeed felt like a “terrorist” when I used my camera in public spaces I decided to take another attitude, no more stealth shooting knowing I do something wrong, no…. I now take out the camera whenever I want, I carry a press card and for some countries an excerpt from the law on photography and I shoot whatever I want and whenever I want it.nnWhen someone comes to me to complain I will not respond with “sorry” but with “what do you mean ? I’m just shooting images I’m allowed to do so by law and I will continue”, the funny thing is, ever since I’ve shot in shopping malls and never been stopped so far while when I was doing it in semi stealth mode I was stopped many times (yeah I’m a hard learner :D)nnSo PLEASE don’t let this “trend” stop the photographers from shooting, we do NOTHING wrong.

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