Video Sandy Dane festival

A while ago I was invited by Sandy Dane for one of her festivals, due to a real incompatible agenda it was not possible for me on some occasions to visit, however when the date February 12th came up I saw an option and booked that date right away.
In a previous blog post I already showed some images… and I promised a small video.
Well that went a bit wrong, I did shoot some material during the concert and put this together for my own personal use and thought it would not run longer than 5-6 minutes, however while editing I really did not wanted to cut material and decided it would be better to just keep the video complete for upload, so you can see the complete video here.

I’m not a video concert shooter, and I’m not a concert photographer.
This video was shot handheld just as fun for myself and the artists, please view it as that so don’t think I have the idea that this is a professional registration, it’s just for fun, so please also view it as that.