Video Nadine

On February 15th we did a session with Nadine for our own portfolio.
The post can be found here :
We also shot some backstage video material which you can see here:

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  1. anthony byron
    anthony byron says:

    shawn is played ok here.
    Frank i do not think there was a image at the end of each segment i did not like. You continually show me how much further i have to go and also how ” far ” to go

  2. anthony byron
    anthony byron says:

    hi frank i am trying to asertain some angles of the strip light from first segment.
    on camera left it looks to be closer to teh wall and egg crated?
    and on camera right no egg crate seems about a foot further away from wall and slightly angled into subject?

    i wonder if i can use black cloth to turn my deep octa and midi octa int something like teh stripe softboxes

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      You could use that but placement will be more tricky than with real strips which are one of the advantages of the strips.

      The one with the grid is the main and is aimed that way to create contrast and keep the wall darker than the subject although she is within 50cm of the wall, the second one is just fill app 3 stops below the main.

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