ADIPP certification

People that know me know that I’m not someone who does a lot with certifications or competitions with my own work. I once competed in the Hasselblad masters and got a nice semifinale place in fashion, which is something I was told to be proud off 😀 but after that I somehow never did anything again. Don’t get me wrong I love competitions and I often judge in these kind of events, next weekend I will be one of the jurors again for the Maskerade (an international bodypaint competition) but somehow with my own work I never do.

A good photographer friend of mine who is active in the DIPP (Dutch Institute of Professional Photography) talked me into going in front of an international jury with my 20 best photos. Yesterday it was that moment……
We arrived at app 18:45 and my judging would be at 20:00 but I did not want to be late of course and you never know what can happen on the road, there was a very nervous atmosphere with people waiting to be judged.

Every judging is different (but always exciting) so a small insight in how the evening went.
When it’s your “time”, first your photos are brought in for the jury to see, and after a few minutes the photographer is called to be judged, what I heard the jury was brutally honest and had a keen eye this year, so the tension build up, I decided to skip the license and go for associate level which of course meant I had to work a lot harder with selecting the right photos, so you can imagine that also with me (hearing all these comments) the tension build. As a good jury is supposed to be they ran late and at app 20:15 my work was brought in, after 5 minutes I was called in and was ready to hear the final verdict……

I made the right selection I guess because the jury loved my selection, and I left the room in a very short time with the ADIPP certification.
From this side thanks to my friend Pim van der Maden for talking me into this 😀

I’m sorry I couldn’t be part of the nice DIPP weekend, but I’m still not 100% but I will be there next year without a doubt.

Shooting tethered and review tethertools…..

Many people who know me will know that I’m a big advocate for shooting tethered in the studio and if possible also on location.
Some people will say it’s a hassle to setup a notebook and shooting with a wire is so limiting, I have to agree with this at first, but still I strongly believe that the negatives are nothing compared to the benefits of shooting tethered.

When shooting on the card you have no real feedback on the quality of the files, you can of course check on the back of the camera but even taking into account that the modern cameras have a great quality screen, the back of the camera is still no way to make 100% sure you nailed the focus. When working with a team it becomes even worse, I’ve seen 10 people gathering around to look at the back of the camera to see how the images look, well that simply doesn’t work.

When shooting tethered we have a totally different workflow.
First of all it’s a lot faster in real live, when shooting on the card I find myself shooting more images simply to make 100% sure I’ve got the shot. When I shoot tethered I can see what I’m doing on large screen were I can zoom in on the RAW files to 100% but there is more of course…..

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Video workshops Belgium including El Paso

For this week the last video.
Workshops will start again on next Friday so I will start posting new work by then.
For now this is the final video from the two day workshop I taught in Belgium, the first day was theory and included some nice locations in the area of the hotel. It was raining a lot so we tried to keep dry.

The next day we rented out El Paso, a small western town/street in Belgium for the second part of the workshop.
You can read much more on these workshops in the blog by the way.

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Dutch Heaven tips and tricks video

Because there is no new photography work till this weekend because I’m taking a little break, my assistant and me are editing some videos to keep the blog active and you guys happy 😉

In the series of the videos shot this year it’s now time for the video shot during one of the Dutch Heaven tips and tricks seminar I taught this summer.

During these seminars I normally teach one part theory and one part in which I show what the group learned in practice. In this case because the weather was nice we did this part outside.

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