Dutch Heaven meet and greet day 10-10-10

What a date to organize the Dutch Heaven meet and greet day in 2010.
At least no one can say they forgot the date…..

For me days like these are fun to visit and because I strongly believe in the approach to give back also this day I was scheduled to teach an one hour seminar, for me the perfect time to testdrive the new “inspiration and creation” seminar (worktitle)

At app. 10:00AM we arrived at the location and it was already almost impossible to park, I hope that in the future there will be a location that has more room to park and has some nice areas to shoot. Now most shoots are done in small setups and even one inside in a busy area. I think the meet and greet day will be even more populair when there is a location that is appealing to shoot. To be honest my camera stayed in my hands unused (except for some backstage shots) and with so many models that’s a shame of course. So a positive note for next time, find a stunning location :D.

But that didn’t hold back a lot of photographers to shoot, shoot, shoot…. one thing that always is a bit “shameful” is that there are some people shooting the models that are being bodypainted without the paint already in place, if you want to shoot nudes make sure to hire a nude model, you see this in all kinds of situations and it always makes me wonder what goes on in the mind of those people, for me I only shoot when I know there is a nice background, a good portrait possible or an interesting situation, but I guess that varies among photographers……
Anyway, the organisation was perfect as always and my compliments go out to Marco and his team of enthusiastic people, they always manage to keep everything in sync and interesting. It’s of course a shame when a whole dance group is “sick” and therefore a whole show has to be cancelled, I have worked with a fever of 39.5C but than again that’s what we get paid for, never let someone down if you want to be successful.

At 12:30 it was time for my seminar, app 40 people were in the room (thank you who invented airconditioners), and a lot of twitter jokes were flying around, you really have to watch out for what you’re saying it seems. After the seminar it was time to enjoy the show and meet the people which for me is always a highlight.

For the miss Dutch Heaven Meet and Greet 2010 I was asked to join the jury to surprise the competitors with an impromptu fake photoshoot, and because the main price was a photoshoot by me it seemed like a good idea, and of course I was more than willing to play along. Merel was the winner for today and we have planned her shoot at the beginning of December and will broadcast this live via our internet TV station (will twitter more details around that time).

Here a small video of the day shot with the iPhone4 and edited very quickly due to time stress, hope you get an impression of the very nice day.
See you next year.