A new blog, a new site ?

Welcome to the new www.frankdoorhof.com
As you can see a lot has changed, but nothing is finalized yet, to be honest we are working at it from many different viewpoints. If you have suggestions or ideas, just let me know.

The old www.doorhof.nl/blog will be transformed to a real forum where you guys can hang out, ask questions, share images etc. Actually it’s the way it always was, expect now it’s not the blog anymore, which you can now find here.

Commenting should be a lot easier now, so try it out and let me know your thoughts. Again, we are working on everything, if you find something that does not work as it should please let me know, if you know cool additions also let me know.

As you might have read on twitter we are back from filming at Kelby media for www.kelbytraining.com it was a blast and I’m sure you will love the classes that will be online soon (a few weeks).
I’ve had a lot of fun but the heat was terrible, also the ants during the BMX shoot were not that nice 😀

Again, enjoy the new blog/site.